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About CD Nova

CD Nova Ltd. is one of Canada's leading suppliers of instrumentation to the industrial, utility and government marketplaces.

Since incorporation 30 years ago, our goal has been to provide our Canadian customers with premium quality instruments and systems from world-renowned manufacturers and to continue to provide innovative technologies to meet their ever growing demands for solutions to their systems needs.

Our growing portfolio of products includes X-ray fluorescence systems for elemental analysis as well as advanced Sub-Station automation and control.

In support of all products we supply, our in-house and field service technicians have been factory trained and certified thus providing fast and efficient resolution to our customers' instrument problems.

CD Nova Ltd understands that ‘people buy from people’.  Available, experienced people are the foundation on which CD Nova Ltd. has been built. We take pride in ensuring that the right solution is chosen for our customers.

We look forward to working with you.

CD Nova is your purchasing solution for all your instrumentation needs.

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